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Supercharge Your Shopify Store: A Roundup of Top 14 Upsell Apps for 2023

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Supercharge Your Shopify Store: A Roundup of Top 14 Upsell Apps for 2023

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, upselling is more than just a buzzword. It’s a smart strategy to elevate your store’s Average Order Value (AOV) and boost overall revenue. Shopify offers a vast app marketplace, and identifying the perfect upsell apps can be challenging. To help you in this pursuit, we’ve curated a list of 14 exceptional apps.

Upselling Deciphered: The Art and Science

Upselling, at its core, is a strategy to enhance customer experience and maximize your revenue. It is the process of selling a more expensive version of a product that the customer is viewing, or recommending add-ons or premiums that increase the value of the purchase. More than just increasing sales, it’s a way to deepen your customers’ connection with your brand.

Capitalizing on Upselling: Steps to Success

Upselling on your store doesn’t have to be complex. With a keen understanding of your customers’ purchasing habits and product compatibility, you can design an upsell strategy that drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. Consider the various touchpoints on your Shopify store where you can position upsell offers to bolster your AOV.

Top 14 Shopify Upsell Apps to Skyrocket Sales

  1. Frequently Bought Together
  • Price: $9.99/m (Free plan is available)
  • Shopify Rating: 4.9/5
  • Frequently Bought Together offers Amazon-like product recommendations, creating upsell bundles and discounts for your Shopify store. By analyzing customers’ previous purchases, the app generates a memory graph with product recommendations. This provides a one-click experience for customers to add a bundle of related products to their carts. An easy-to-use app that maximizes upselling by leveraging data from your store’s purchasing history.
  1. InCart Upsell
  • Price: $19.99/m (Free plan is available)
  • Shopify Rating: 4.8/5
  • InCart Upsell enables sellers to create laser-targeted upsell and cross-sell offers without the use of popups. It features product page and cart page offers, AI-powered autosuggestions for product recommendations, and the ability to target upsell offers based on the shopper’s location and the quantity of an item in the cart. With built-in A/B testing, this app provides a data-driven approach to upselling.
  1. SellUp
  • Price: Free Tier available
  • A holistic upsell app, SellUp offers a unique feature to add offers directly below the add-to-cart button, ensuring high visibility and conversion rate. It’s a blend of value and visibility, offering a holistic upsell strategy.
  1. Bold Upsell
  • Price: From $9.99 / Month
  • A veteran in the Shopify app marketplace, Bold Upsell has evolved over time, offering upsells at the moment of ‘add to cart’ and ‘cart stage’. Despite its complex installation process, its vast functionality justifies the effort.
  1. Obviyo: Recommend & Convert
  • Price: Free up to 10k impressions then from $195 / Month
  • A powerful app leveraging Amazon’s technology, Obviyo optimizes for buyer intent using AI, making it suitable for enterprise-level Shopify stores.
  1. Honeycomb Upsell & Cross Sell
  • Price: Free up to 100 views then from $49.99 / Month
  • A versatile upsell app, Honeycomb offers compelling upsell funnels that look fantastic across devices.
  1. Candy Rack
  • Price: From $29.99 / Month
  • Candy Rack is a simple, clean solution suitable for most Shopify stores, offering multiple upsell opportunities.
  1. Zipify OCU
  • Price: From $24.99 / Month
  • Focused on post-purchase offers, Zipify OCU is slightly pricey but offers significant ROI with increasing revenue.
  1. Booster: Discounted Upsells
  • Price: From $19.99 / Month
  • This app focuses on offering discounted upsells, a great way to nudge customers on the fence towards making a purchase.
  1. Orderbump
  • Price: From $39 / Month
  • Aimed at Plus stores, Orderbump allows for one-click upsells in both checkout and post-purchase customer flow.
  1. Upsell Product Add-Ons
  • Price: From $6.99 / Month
  • An entry-level upsell app, Upsell Product Add-Ons, focuses primarily on Add ons, offering an affordable solution for small or budding stores.
  1. Checkout Promotions
  • Price: Free up-to 100 views. From $19 / Month
  • A well-built app focusing on checkout upsells, Checkout Promotions scales as your store grows.
  1. LimeSpot Personalizer
  • Price: From $18 / Month
  • A solid upsell app with a learning curve, LimeSpot Personalizer is best for larger stores with the resources to maximize its potential.
  1. SELLY - Promotion & Pricing
  • Price: From $29 / Month
  • Offering action-based popups, SELLY works well with Shopify Point of Sale, making it a versatile upsell option.


Upselling can do more than just improve your sales; it can enhance customer satisfaction and drive loyalty. The secret to successful upselling is a deep understanding of your customers and products. Also, remember that not all apps are created equal, and some may better suit your unique store configurations and business goals. Always leverage the free trial periods and thoroughly research how each app integrates with your store. Remember, upselling should feel like a seamless part of your brand experience and not a distraction.

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